Other Books Not Pictured:

Project Myst by Gerald Fernandez (Wattpad’s Watty Award 2015 Winner)

That Nerd by Laylaa K.

The Bad Seed by Michael Lackey

Roger’s Last Summer by Anthony Jacobs

Chasing Everleigh by Hannah Smith

Forever by NanaWriter902

The Kayne Chronicles of Zeknov by xXSkaterBoiXx

Fire of Magic by Tyler Samuels

Ice in the Stones by Tyler Samuels

Gift in the Rainbow by Eddie Trulock

The Woman at 5th Avenue by Hayden Low

The Promise by Ashley Rich

Anna and the White Elf by LuvSingerSong89

The Boy’s Good Girl by Iva Price

Santa’s Last Wish by Jack Nelson

Silent Star by Stephen Petchuck