Christmas to Color

Christmas to Color

I got this at my local Barnes and Noble store a few weeks ago (a week before Thanksgiving). I had been eyeing this cute ‘adult’ coloring book for weeks. I’ve always wanted to buy it and plead my mom if I could buy it. My sister laughed at me and thought I was crazy for wanting to buy this book when I recently turned into the US adult age, eighteen years old, several months ago. I sighed, and every time I went to that store for the next few visits, I spent nearly an hour trying to make up my mind to BUY IT, but then contradicted it since every kid was looking at me as if I was crazy!!!!

However, the day I got out of my college class on a Monday, I finally made the decision to GET IT. And let me tell you, I did not regret it. As I glanced for hours studying carefully on the nice textures the author has drawn, I was truly amazed with all of the artwork Ms. Mary Tanana did and to top it all off, she did all of these DIGITALLY, as in on a drawing tablet! I use one myself a

nd let me tell you, paper and pens do not match the ability with the the drawing tablet since it is more complex to use. I am still not done coloring this book, but I am almost done with it! I am going to hopefully finish it sometime before the end of this year.

I congratulate the author on her amazing art skills and I have been coloring on it and let me tell you…I AM NOT ASHAMED for having one. I might be 20 years old and considered an “adult” in the US, but hey, this book is the definition of unique. Even my friends in college tease me on why I have one, but I ignored each one of them because I find this quite entertaining. It not only releases all the anxiety by coloring, but brings back childhood memories of my coloring days. And did I mention I use glittery and neon gel pens for all of this and already went through four packs of twenty four in 2 weeks? GASP!


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